Hello, I'm Darshan Gajara.

I'm a product designer and maker living in Berlin. I currently lead design at GraphCMS and run Product Disrupt. I also write stories about design & travel, interview creative people of all kinds, mentor designers and curate design resources.

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    • Cracking a Product Design Interview
      I'm writing a book about cracking a product design interview. It will be a comprehensive resource with resume & email templates and a system to track the interview progress in Notion. I'll share the progress with you while I create it.
    • Side Projects
      I'm a big believer in side projects, it has done wonders for me. I'll share behind-the-scenes of my side-projects and ideas and inspiration to start your own.
    • Topical Insights
      I'm hugely interested in topics like design, building in public, communities, curation, personal growth, no-code and all things passion economy. I'll be sharing my unfiltered thoughts on these topics with you.
    • Monthly Reviews
      I used to do monthly reviews on Twitter where I shared my achievements, struggles, learning and some personal stuff. While the idea of creating an open monthly log was great for reflection and accountability, Twitter didn't seem like the right platform for it. So, I'll be sharing it directly with you through emails where I can get pretty elaborate with it.